Choose a name

If you don't have an account you select that option on the login screen, then you can pick a name and choose to either become a member or chat as a guest.Note that guest accounts are not permanent and are deleted after a maximum of 3 days.

Choose a room

On the home page you'll find several rooms to join, when you click on a room you automatically join the room. You can also check out all rooms here.To leave the room you click the three dots in the top right corner of the room and Leave room.

Swipe in Meet

The new Meet lets you swipe to like other curious chatters and opens up the possibility of exciting matches even though you haven't met in a chat room yet. Quickly swipe your way to new friendships, or who knows, maybe something more! ;)

Disappearing messages

Send images and videos that disappear after viewing. Before hitting send, customize how long it should stay visible - 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or one minute. You're in control!

Your message is ready to impress. Once viewed, it disappears from both sender and recipient devices.

Chat in private

If you want to send a message directly to a user you click on his or her name and select Message. The conversation will then be added to Messages in the live menu to the left.


If you want to know more about a user you click his or her name to show their profile. There you can see gender, age, what their seeking right now and more. You can also treat them to plus membership for a month.

Choose who can contact you

On the Account page you can choose to only allow people of a certain gender to contact you, or only your contacts so you can device who can write to you.

Choose No one, that means no one can contact you for as long as you have it activated. A safety for all users who sometimes simply don't want that type of direct contact.

Want to block someone?

If you don't want a user to be able to contact you, click on his or her name and select Block. As long as the user is blocked he or she can't write to you and you won't see the users messages in any room either.

Unread messages

All rooms keep messages for 24 hours, after that they're removed.Your unread messages for a room are only the messages written during the last day, if you haven't visisted the room for more than 24 hours you will not be able to see the older messages.But you don't have to worry about your private messages, those are kept for as long as you wish.

Who else is in the room?

You can start chatting right away. To display other users in the room you can select the button Users.Those who are online right now are shown at the top, followed by users in the room who are offline.

Is your account gone?

Guest account are automatically deleted 3 days after they're created. In some cases they may also be deleted sooner than that.That's why we recommend everyone to register their accounts. It's quick, free and guarantees you keep your username, settings, history and so on.

Remove account

You can remove your account on the Account page. Note that deleting your account removes all information related to it and cannot be reversed.


With an ad here you can signal that you're seeking something in particular, be it someone to date, an online friend, a group with a shared interest or something completely different.

All users can easily browse under seekingand in real time see all ads that match your search.In a users profile you can instantly see if he or she is actively seeking right now or not, by the thumbs up or thumbs down icon.

Create room

Everyone can now create their own chat rooms

Create rooms, invite existing users or new ones that you think will fit in. You choose the topic, rules and who gets to stay!

When you remove someone from your room they're not allowed to come back in again. If you remove your account your rooms are removed as well.

Dinchat plus

With a plus membership you support us in making Dinchat a safe and fun way of meeting new people online.

And you get rewarded for it too by for example getting Dinchat completely ad free, access to the exclusive People page and send large files in all rooms and conversations.