The following rules and obligations applies to all users of the chat and meeting point To avoid limiting our users unnecessarily most of what is legal is also allowed. So the rules are few but necessary.

  • Age limit of 18 years or older on the entire site.
  • No nudity in profile pictures. NSFW pictures can be added in the rest of the profile.
  • Links to paid sites or any other type of sales is forbidden without permission from Dinchat.
  • Spam in all forms is forbidden.
  • No sexual of offensive content in rooms marked with SFW.
  • Everything in violation of swedish law (and the law in the country you as a user reside) is forbidden.
  • No harassment or shaming. We want a meeting point where everyone can feeling comfortable and welcome.
  • All users are solely responsible for making sure they have the right to publish the content they do, and are not violating any laws when doing so.
  • The rooms may have additional rules that need to be followed beyond these.

If you notice anyone breaking the rules or acting badly in any other way, report it to our moderators immediately in the chat or contact us here.